The connected safety shoe Dring Parade

The connected safety shoe

The safety shoe is the  most worn PPE in France. We made it smart by integrating the features of an alert device for an optimal protection of the isolated workers.

The Dring solution at a glance

For the worker

0 constraint

No risk of forgetting

Optimal protection

For the employer

Protected workers

No need to double the positions

Employees trust (optimal protection)

Operation of the connected safety shoe

1. Detection of a unusual situation

The connected shoe is not a standard alert device : thanks to its embedded inteligence, it understands its user’s habits and deduces which situations are not usual (immobility period longer than usual, verticality loss, etc.).

2. Sending an alert

The shoe directly connects itself to the GSM network (no other device required). Caregivers automatically receive a phone call, a text message or an email. It may include georeferencing (thanks to an embedded GPS system).

3. Processing the alert

The caregiver signals that he/she can respond to the alert. Confirmation is sent to the safety shoe, which lets its user know that someone has been warned.

Intelligent situation detection

Detection that the shoe is worn

The Dring technology automatically detectes if the shoe is being worn ; it is always activated when the worker uses it.

Detection of verticality loss and / or immobility

Motion sensors analyse the shoe position and its behaviour, to detect a potentially dangerous situation : verticality loss or long immobility.

Learning technology

The more a worker uses the connected safety shoe, the more immobility and verticality loss detection will get accurate.

About Parade

The Dring technology has been integrated into a Parade safety shoe. Established in 1978, Parade is a French manufacturer of safety shoes. Parade belongs to Eram, an international fashion group with 11 brands in its portfolio (Eram, Texto, Bocage, Staggy, Heyraud, Tbs, Mellow Yellow, Gemo, Tati, Les Tropeziennes, Parade).

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