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For elderly people, falling is a major issue. It leads to confidence loss , social withdrawal, reduced physical activity…

Our ambition : held elderly to regain confidence and avoid a downward spiral to fragility.

Operation of the connected walking cane

1. Detection of a unusual situation

The connected cane understands its user’s habits and deduces which situations are not usual (low activity: disease or tiredness, fall, later and later awakenings, and so on).

2. Sending an alert

The cane directly connects itself to the GSM network (no other device required). Caregivers automatically receive a phone call, a text message or an email. It may include georeferencing (thanks to an embedded GPS system).

3. Processing the alert

The caregiver signals that he/she can respond to the alert. Confirmation is sent to the cane, which lets its user know that someone has been warned.

Dring technology

Dring plug&play solution makes it possible to connect products that are worn or carried around for safety or health applications. Dring has been integrated in the Smartcane.

The connected walking cane has several embedded movement sensors: accelerometer and gyroscope.

Artificial intelligence algorithms use movement data coming from the smartcane and combine them with other outside data to learn the user’s habits and detect unusual situations.

All data exchanges and data processing are secured. The user’s private life is protected.

This technology is user-friendly. Configuration just takes a few minutes.

About Fayet

Dring technology has been built in a walking cane from the Fayet company that was founded in 1909 and that is the only remaining French industrial manufacturer of canes. Their expertise resulting from a century-old know-how has enabled them to make an ergonomic, robust, lightweight Smartcane made of premium quality materials.

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