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Dring technology

Dring circuit

Automatic detection of abnormal situations

The system is able to detect any unusual situation and alert, without any action from the user.

GSM and GPS network

Dring system connects to the GSM network to alert caregivers, and uses GPS for accurate localization. It is autonomous and doesn’t need to be paired to any other device to be used.

Long battery life

An optimimized and innovative energy management allows many weeks of autonomy, while minimizing the device size.

We turn your objects into smart ones

Dring is a technological brick that we can embed in your objects to make them smart.

They work with us


The active safety shoe

We have integrated Dring inside Parade safety shoes for an optimal protection of the workers.

The active safety shoe detects unusual situations (fall, immobility). It alerts automatically, without any action from the user, if needed.

  • Easy and autonomous: no need to have a smartphone or any other device
  • Most used P.P.E.: the worker is certain no to forget it

The smart cane

With Fayet, a french company specialized in handcrafted canes since 1909, we have designed the smartcane.

The smart walking cane detects any unusual situation (fall detection, lower activity, etc.). It automatically alerts caregivers and family, without any action from the user, if needed.

  • Long battery life : many weeks between two charges
  • Easy to use : it’s meant to be used as any other walking cane.

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